■ビデオレターの長さ 30秒程度
■応募締切 2018年8月31日(金)迄
■応募方法 本イベント趣旨ご理解の上、下記事務局メールアドレスより動画(Mobile撮影)をお送り下さいませ。
ピンクドット沖縄事務局 久山・大屋



■募集人数 50名(ピンクドット沖縄オリジナルTシャツご進呈)
■活動日時 2018年9月16日(日) 9時~18時
■応募締切 2018年8月31日(金)迄
■応募方法 事務局宛メールへご氏名、年齢、ご住所、連絡先、Tシャツのサイズ、可能な時間を記入の上、お応募お願いいたします。
ピンクドット沖縄事務局 久山・大屋


Guidelines for Video Messages of Support

We are currently looking for people to submit video messages showing their support. In a bid for a diverse and LGBT-friendly Okinawa where everyone can live together more easily, why not express your thoughts and feelings that you would like to share?
■ Video message length: approximately 30 seconds
■ Submission deadline: Until 31st August, 2018 (Friday)
■ How to submit: Once the purpose of this event has been fully understood, shoot a video using a mobile phone and send it to the event secretary’s e-mail address below.
Pink Dot Okinawa Secretary, Hisayama / Oya :
■ Points to note when submitting
※The files received will not be returned
※The files may be used on the event’s home page and social networking sites. Thank you for your understanding and submission.
※Please note that we may not be able to use all of the videos depending on the number of submissions we receive.


Volunteer Application Guidelines

We are currently looking for volunteer staff to help at the event.
To live in a diverse world would mean we can all continue to live with pride in who we are, and we are looking for volunteer staff who will work together to help make such a society a reality. If you are unsure of exactly what you can do but would still like to help out, or if you have something you wish to express in a place where your true self can shine, then why not join us?

■ Number of volunteers: 50 people (everyone will receive an original Pink Dot Okinawa t-shirt)
■Date and time: 16th September, 2018 (Sunday) 09:00 – 18:00
■Application deadline: Until 31st August, 2018 (Friday)
■How to apply: E-mail the event secretary with your name, age, address, t-shirt size and availability.
Pink Dot Okinawa Secretary, Hisayama / Oya :
※Please note that we will close applications once the volunteer capacity has been reached, which may be before the application deadline.



■短片長度 約30秒
■參加截止日 2018年8月31日(星期五)截止
■參加辦法 請先瞭解本活動宗旨之後,將短片(手機拍攝)傳至以下事務局郵件地址。
Pink Dot沖繩事務局 久山・大屋



■招募人數 50名(贈送Pink Dot沖繩原創T恤)
■活動日期 2018年9月16日(星期日) 9點~18點
■參加截止日期 至2018年8月31日(星期五)
■參加辦法 請提供您的姓名、年齡、住址、聯絡資訊、T恤尺寸、可配合時間等資訊至事務局電子郵件。
Pink Dot沖繩事務局 久山・大屋