Pink Dot Okinawaの沿革



History of Pink Dot Okinawa

In 2013, 800 people gathered at Japan’s first ever Pink Dot event which was held in Okinawa. Then, 1,000 people turned out in 2014 and 1,500 in 2015, and in 2016 there were 1,900 participants. In 2017, it became a massive event with 3,200 people participating. Those who join the event are not limited to people from Okinawa and Japan, with the number of overseas participants increasing, too. Also, the number of approved companies who sponsor the event is increasing year by year, and in 2018 there will be 71 companies taking part.
Through cooperation with these numerous companies, the event hopes to increase the number of participants not just from Okinawa and Japan but also from overseas, bringing diversity to the whole of the Okinawan prefecture.


Pink Dot Okinawa歷史

2013年的Pink Dot Okinawa,是首次於日本舉辦的Pink Dot活動,當初聚集800多人參加。在這之後,2014年約有1000名、2015年約有1200名、到了2016年約有1900名參加,接著在2017年已約3,200名一同共襄盛舉Pink Dot活動。參加者不僅侷限沖繩縣內民眾,從日本本島錢來,甚至從海外前來參加的朋友也不斷增加。到2018年為止,支持且贊助的企業也成長至71間公司。